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Do you struggle with the pain of TMJ dysfunction on a daily basis? Dr. Ben Sutter offers effective care with Disclusion Time Reduction. This advanced therapy brings a computer-guided approach to the treatment of TMD. Without ever wearing a mouthguard, undergoing surgery, or taking a prescription Dr. Sutter can help you experience lasting results. Learn more about this revolutionary and life-changing treatment.

About Dr. Sutter

Dr. Sutter has been studying and treating TMJ dysfunction since going into private practice in 2008. In that time, he has sought advanced education and training in treating neuromuscular issues. His studies have taken him to the Las Vegas Institute, and the Piper Education and Research Center, as well as becoming Perfect Bite Doctor certified. When you see Dr. Sutter for the treatment of TMD, you can expect thorough care that targets your specific needs.

Meet Dr. Sutter

What Is DTR?

Dr Ben Sutter of Eugene, OR explains a bit of "What is DTR" along with what patients symptoms are prior to treatment as well as afterwards. It is a short 10 minute video than cannot go into the details but does give a broad overview of the therapy. In my office screening for DTR is comprehensive with imaging and other biometric testing which is not included with this video.

What to Expect

Our thorough approach to TMJ therapy can help patients who have lived with their pain for years. To see what treatment is like at our Eugene office, watch this video of a real appointment. Angela struggled with migraines for 20 years, but through Disclusion Time Reduction therapy, she was able to experience relief without the ongoing need for a mouthguard, medication, or Botox.

What Our Patients Are Saying

"I have been suffering from headaches for many years. I've been treated with injections, pain medications and muscles relaxers with not much improvement. I started therapy with Dr. Sutter which has very much improved my headaches. I have been headache free now for about two months. I am very pleased with the outcome of my therapy."


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