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At the practice of Dr. Sutter, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional, personalized service, beginning with your first visit. During data collection, Dr. Sutter will use a range of today's best diagnostic equipment to collect information about your bite. Using these tests, he can make a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

These technologies include:

Cone Beam Computer Topography

Cone beam computer topography gives us a clear, comprehensive view of your teeth, bone structure, and joints. With a cone beam scan, we can check to see that your joints are stable and adaptable. Before making a diagnosis, we want to make sure there are no arthritic changes or damages that could compromise what we do. A complete scan takes just a few seconds to complete and exposes patients to far less radiation than other methods.

Surface EMGs

Using EMG (which stands for electromyography), Dr. Sutter can measure the electrical signals associated with muscles in the jaw. Because TMD can be traced back to distressed muscles, taking an accurate reading of muscle activity will help us create an accurate diagnosis of your condition.

Jaw Tracking

Jaw tracking provides Dr. Sutter with a live view of how the mandible is functioning and how teeth fit together. Because TMD is rooted in how the jaw and muscles function, jaw tracking will help us gain a better understanding of your range of motion and how your jaw moves.

Joint Sonography

Joint sonography records noise like clicking or popping in the jaw, allowing Dr. Sutter to assess their health and strength.

TekScan Occlusal Analysis

A TekScan Occlusal Analysis measures and records the force and timing of your bite. Based on the results, Dr. Sutter can determine whether tooth anatomy or previous dentistry is part of the problem.  Through TekScan Dr Sutter can see where any adjustments to your bite are needed.  Studies show that TekScan is more accurate (95%) than bite paper alone (12%).  We go over any adjustments to make sure you understand exactly what is going to be done before proceeding.

Are you living with the pain and aggravation of TMD? With modern care from Dr. Sutter, we can help you relieve your symptoms and enjoy better health and wellbeing again. Call our Eugene, Oregon, dental office to schedule your appointment. We look forward to serving you.

What Our Patients Are Saying

"I have been suffering from headaches for many years. I've been treated with injections, pain medications and muscles relaxers with not much improvement. I started therapy with Dr. Sutter which has very much improved my headaches. I have been headache free now for about two months. I am very pleased with the outcome of my therapy."


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